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Rating of world-famous quests on the PC

Here is the ranking of the best quests (according to the "QuestArena.Net") with links to the official websites of the developers! The list will be constantly updated / updated. Come more often ;)


- computer game in the genre of graphic quest, created by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller.

Visit the official website:

Broken Sword

- A series of adventure computer games from the company "Revolution Software". Each of the games of the series is endowed with an independent developed plot, professionally voiced and possesses original music.

Visit the developer website: Revolution Software

Syberia 3

- multiplayer adventure game, the continuation of the games Syberia and Syberia II. The game was developed and published by the French company "Micro´ds".

Visit the official website:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The Devil's Daughter)

- computer game in the genre of adventure, developed by the Ukrainian company "Frogwares". The publisher is "Bigben Interactive".

Visit the official website: Sherlock_Holmes_The_Devils_Daughter

Nancy Drew & Nancy Drew Dossier

- a series of games about girl detective Nancy Drew, based on a series of books written by a group of writers under the pseudonym Caroline Keane. 33 games about Detective Drew released by Her Interactive.

Visit the developer website: HeR Interactive


- traditional "point-and-click-quest". The most radical difference from other games of the genre is that you can only interact with those objects that are within the reach of the character.

Visit the official website:

L.A. Noire

- multiplatform game in the genre of a detective simulator, developed by the Australian studio "Team Bondi" and released by "Rockstar Games".

Visit the official website: Rockstar Games - LA Noire


- multiplatform computer game in the genres of puzzle-platformer with elements of survival horror, developed by the independent Danish studio "Playdead".

Visit the developer website: Playdead - Limbo

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

- computer game in the genre of quest-puzzle, developed by the French company "Ubisoft". The plot of the game tells about four different people who are on the front of the First World War.

Visit the developer website: UbiSoft - Valiant Hearts

The Longest Journey

- computer game in the genre of quest, developed by the Norwegian company "Funcom". The game received numerous awards and the title of "Game of the Year" from a variety of specialized publications.

Visit the official website: